Marketing 'Xanarchy'


Since releasing my remix of 'Xanarchy' by Lil Xan, I've decided to put together the story of how I marketed the song after it surpassed my expectations of success for the song's first week since its release. 

DISCLAIMER: I spent USD 20 on this release all towards Facebook boosting. I paid no money marketing the song as I promoted it all by myself. 

While you might have the urge to release a song as soon as you finish it, don't let your impatience best you. I finished the remix in early January and took two weeks to prepare for its release. I'll break down into a few simple steps how I was able to get the song to over two hundred thousand streams and published on seven blogs in just a week. 

1. Building The Presskit and Resources – After completing the remix, I set out to make my pitches to blogs, tastemakers, and artists as appealing and well thought out as possible. Be as organized as possible. I created a Google folder and made three other folders inside of it as follows: Audio, Visuals, and Documents I uploaded the final .mp3 and .aif files into the Audio folder and labeled them correctly (Lil Xan - Xanarchy (CRVE U Remix).mp3) so that anyone who downloaded the files would know what they were. In Visuals folder, I put the cover art for the song and my press pictures labeled adequately so that blogs would have an easy way to find the images they needed to go along with their write-ups. Lastly, I put my presskit into the Documents folder as well as a spreadsheet to keep track of who reposted the song on SoundCloud, what blogs wrote it up, and any YouTube channels that uploaded the song. 

2. Promotion – Make sure you know your market. For this particular song, I focused on SoundCloud, Audiomack, and music blogs. I did my best to get the song reposted to top names like The Chainsmokers, Dirty Audio, Matoma, Herobust, Trap Nation, and other established brands. When reaching out to these big guys, make sure you can bring them value in whatever way you can, whether it be reposts, blog write-ups, etc. On Audiomack, I reached out to their staff, and because they liked the song, they wrote it up on their blog and trended the song, helping me reach over sixty thousand listeners. When pitching to blogs, make sure you have your presskit together and send writers a respectable email that complements their work (know your market), and thank them for writing up the song if they choose to do so! 

3. Gratitude – Be as kind as you can to anyone who comments on your song or reaches out to you about it. Say thank you, respond to everyone, and if someone sends you hate, respond appropriately and respectfully. This step is the most crucial part, as it's a great way to develop relationships with your fans and get new superfans who will want to hear your new music and invest in your brand with their time, money, and support. 

While there is more to promotion than these three steps, they lay out a primary way for you to gain more fans and get your music heard. If you have any specific questions, comment below, and I'll try my best to respond!