Let's Catch Up


Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here, but I’ll be writing these up every week now.

Since my last post, there’s been a lot of big transitions in my life. I graduated high school, which was an amazing experience overall. I couldn’t have grown into the person I am today without boarding school, teaching me so many lessons and introducing me to some of my best friends. After a few weeks of traveling with friends to Los Angeles, Korea, and Vietnam, I came home before moving to New York City to begin a summer internship at Audiomack, an emerging streaming platform.

Move in day was hectic, and I was expecting to have a roommate, although they never showed up! I live with four other guys in the three-bedroom apartment, all seniors at Villanova. The first few days here were very overwhelming, as the city was much bigger than what I was used to in Boston, and came with a new palette of smells I’m not particularly fond of. After working at Audiomack for a month now, I’ve been given responsibility for all electronic music on the platform. My long-term goals for myself are to bring on as many new artists and content as possible, curate 35-50 playlists, and establish creative video content and maybe even a monthly industry rooftop event thrown by the company. At the end of the summer, I have the chance of getting an official, paid position at Audiomack, which I would love to do as a part-time job while at NYU. Working at Audiomack is an experience in itself, with motivated coworkers, music celebrities rolling into the office weekly, and the privilege to use the in-house studio when it’s available. Even though I have my own studio set up in the apartment, having a place to come and make music with high-quality equipment is a much better learning opportunity.

Along with working at Audiomack, while in NYC, I’ve met dozens of individuals in the music industry. While I can’t connect with all of them, I’ve been able to develop friendships with several and plan on cultivating those as I attend NYU. Being in a new place with so much stimulation and more free time, I’ve been able to make more music and learn better techniques as a result. I now have almost an album’s worth of music that I’m preparing to share to the world once it finds the right home.

Overall, living in NYC this summer was the right decision. Being at home in the suburbs would have been a loss of opportunities and experiences here, and even though I miss my friends and family, I know this is helping shape my next four years here and establish a foundation in NYC.

I’m about to get back into the studio now, but it’s been great catching up with you all.